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19 JULY 2012

Cascades Fine Paper returns to Design City with green solutions

Cascades Fine Paper, a leader in sustainable paper production, is returning to Design City with its latest samples and solutions for designers and their clients.
Get samples and green solutions Cascades Fine Paper booth at Design City
Get samples and green solutions Cascades Fine Paper booth at Design City

Cascades fine papers are developed to continuously reduce environmental footprints, and contain a maximum quantity of post-consumer fiber. The company uses 50% and 100% post-consumer fiber to manufacture its commercial papers and uses renewable and local biogas energy produced from the decomposition of waste buried in landfills.
Using Cascades papers is a simple, concrete and effective way of conveying your concerns for the environment in your annual reports, brochures and flyers, stationery, office requirements and in any other situation where high quality environmentally friendly papers are needed.
Cascades Fine Papers Group, headquartered in Saint-Jérôme (QC), specializes in:
  • Environmental papers
  • Commercial printing papers
  • Digital printing papers
  • Business papers
  • Specialty papers
Make sure to visit Cascades at Design City booth #951. To calculate your environmental savings with Cascades paper, use the company's newly enhanced online environmental calculator. To see the company's Life Cycle Assessment video, click here.

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